Environmental Stewardship

GPA is focused on reducing its carbon footprint by applying an environmental, social and governance lens to its long-term plans. The Georgia Ports Authority is committing to a broad range of actions to maintain or improve the environment in and around its facilities. GPA remains dedicated to meet or exceed environmental regulations, measure, and continually improve performance; minimize pollution from port operations; and communicate its performance to the community.

Climate and Energy​

GPA is concerned about clean air even though we are fortunate to be in an area that is in compliance (or attainment) with governing federal and state clean air standards. GPA has pursued broad categories of actions to maintain or improve air quality. Including reducing fuel consumption and emissions, reducing transit times and traffic congestion and electricity, and increasing efficiency of equipment, focusing on fuel. This includes our program to induces truck owners to replace older less fuel efficient trucks, and conducting air emission inventories to qualify our baseline an set meaningful sustainability targets.

Truck Replacement Program

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Water Resources​

Our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment is a top priority for the GPA. Growth, health, economic vitality – all of these depend on a plentiful supply of clean water. Water quality must also be maintained to support aquatic life. Finally, water runoff from storm events must be appropriately managed to support both availability and quality. Georgia Ports is doing its part to keep litter out of coastal Georgia waters.

Land, Habitat and Biodiversity ​

Maintaining the natural quality of our environment is integral to our mission. At GPA, we understand the importance of being a good neighbor and maintaining the right balance in the world community is paramount when planning for future growth.