GPA has joined Green Marine, the leading voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

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GPA leadership understands that successful integration and management of sustainability at a company level requires commitment, clear direction, and strategic influence.

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Economic Development

As a magnet for international trade and investment, the Georgia Ports Authority enriches the state’s economy.

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Environmental Stewardship

GPA is focused on reducing its carbon footprint by applying an environmental, social and governance lens to its long-term plans.

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Employee Engagement

GPA believes that sustainability extends beyond environmental stewardship to incorporate social aspects such as quality of life, community development and equal opportunity.

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Sustainability Time Line

To empower entrepreneurs, strengthen industries, sustain communities, and fortify families by relentlessly striving to accelerate global commerce. This timeline highlights the ways the GPA team has collaborated to incorporate sustainability initiatives into its company culture, operations, and policies

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