The tools, resources, and people to get your cargo taken care of correctly.

The Right Tools

Georgia Ports Authority provides several resources to ensure customers make the best decisions for their businesses. GPA's growth story broken down by the numbers and the tools provided generate accurate quotes for moving cargo through Georgia's deepwater ports. Use GPA's Insta-Rate to quickly and easily find an MTO schedule by service and commodity. Use WebAccess to obtain up-to-date information on containerized goods. Georgia's Commercial Corridors tool streamlines site selection by providing county information, photos, and building and property site specifications.

By the Numbers

GPA’s growth story broken down by the numbers.


WebAccess maintains full visibility of containers through every step of terminal processing.

Georgia Commercial Corridors

Where you do business can be just as important as what you do. With Georgia’s Commercial Corridors tool, finding the best location is now easier than ever.