Mid American Arc

Direct service over greater distances

The Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal is the Southeast’s busiest intermodal gateway. The Georgia Ports Authority is making $1.9 billion in infrastructure improvements to capture greater market share in existing and new destinations for GPA. Savannah is rapidly increasing and expanding service across the Mid-American arc of inland markets, from Atlanta to Memphis and Dallas, extending to St. Louis, Chicago and the Ohio Valley.

Port of Savannah. Closer than you think.

Key to this expansion is the Mason Mega Rail terminal, linking two on-dock rail yards served by CSX and Norfolk Southern. The rail expansion increases the Port of Savannah’s rail lift capacity from 500,000 to more than 2 million TEUs per year. Garden City Terminal now features nearly 180,000 feet of track, the largest on-terminal internodal facility in North America. Developing on-terminal capacity to build and receive up to six trains nearly 10,000 feet in length establishes an important new dynamic. These longer trains make direct service over greater distances more economically feasible for Class I rail providers. From ship-to-shore to on-terminal rail, the speed and efficiency of GPA’s intermodal services are unmatched. With the addition of the Mason Mega Rail Terminal, service to Mid-American Arc cities becomes more competitive.