Annual Report

Georgia Ports Authority’s Annual Report offers a dynamic look at port operations and the powerful impact they have on the economic wellbeing of Georgians, as well as the competitive advantages of choosing Georgia as a supply chain hub.

2022-2023 Sustainability Report

This publication outlines GPA’s commitment to sustainability within our organization, and identifying what must be done today to provide security for tomorrow. 

Journal of Commerce Advertorial

The Georgia Ports Authority celebrates its Diamond Anniversary in 2020, marking 75 years of unprecedented growth. Through a combination of visionary leadership and unwavering state support, GPA has created a juggernaut of efficient global trade. Savannah is now the third-busiest container gateway in the U.S., creating nearly a half a billion jobs and generating billions in revenue each year.

Georgia Business History Initiative

GPA Profile and Case Study

Learn more about Georgia’s ports and their role in state history, from the establishment of the colony in 1733, through the WWII war effort, and the growth of the Georgia Ports Authority into a global commerce hub.