The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) requires that all persons who have a legitimate business need to enter the restricted marine terminals owned and controlled by the GPA in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia, possess and display properly issued and authorized identification credentials. The security objective is to provide for the safety and security of people, cargo and infrastructure assets while facilitating the productive flow of commerce into, within and out of GPA-owned marine terminal facilities.

Identification badges must always be prominently displayed on outer clothing while on a GPA restricted marine terminal.

Persons who regularly access the marine terminals (5 port visits in a 365-day period) must possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and obtain a GPA issued credential (identification badge.) Badges issued through either the Savannah or Brunswick Credentialing Centers will be accepted at all GPA terminals. Visitor passes will be available at entry gates for persons who only require periodic access to the facilities for legitimate purposes as determined by the GPA. Visitor passes will only be available on a daily basis. The procedures for obtaining a GPA credential or visitor badge are outlined below.

The GPA credential applications and company registration forms are subject to change. This website should be checked for the most current information regarding GPA credential procedures. Forms are located at the links on the left side of this page.

Outline of procedure for obtaining GPA credentials (identification badges):

  1. A business must first complete a company registration form and submit the form to GPA credentialing for review. Only one company registration form is required for each company.
  2. GPA credential requests must be submitted by an approved company credentialing account representative to GPA credentialing for each employee, utilizing the credentialing Web portal.
  3. GPA personnel will approve or reject the request and notify the company representative when they may begin submitting GPA credential requests for employees.
  4. GPA credentials will be issued at the Savannah GPA Credentialing Center located at 100 Main Street, Highway 25, Garden City, Ga. 31408 or the Brunswick GPA Credentialing Center located at 25 Joe Frank Harris Blvd., Brunswick, Ga. 31520.
  5. Upon employee-employer separation, the company representative will be required to immediately notify GPA of the employee’s separation utilizing the credentialing Web portal. In addition, employers should retrieve the GPA credential from the employee and return the same to the GPA.

Form Submittals:
Forms must be submitted online.

Revocation of a GPA credential and access denial can occur at any time in the best interests or business decisions to protect the assets of GPA, personnel and its facilities or terminals.

Company Registration:
Businesses with employees that have a legitimate need to access GPA’s restricted marine terminals will be required to complete a Company Registration Form online.

Businesses requesting access will be required to provide a corporate point of contact (an alternate should also be provided) that will have authority, on behalf of the business, to request Identification Badges for employees. The point of contact for the Company will also be required to submit an application requesting a GPA Identification Badge. The point of contact will be required to advise the GPA regarding the termination of employees and return invalid credentials. Both badge requests and employee separations shall be completed and submitted via the credentialing account Web portal.

Waterfront Access:
For reasons of security, access to the GPA waterfront, and thus to any vessels that may be on berth, will be strictly controlled. GPA Police personnel will control access to the waterfront. Only personnel with legitimate business will be allowed access and will be required to identify themselves.

Applicants denied access to the waterfront should contact their employer to submit a letter on their behalf. Letters from tenants and port-associated companies in good standing should be mailed to the Chief of Police, P.O. Box 2406, Savannah, Georgia 31402 no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of the denial letter. The letter should outline the company’s desires to retain the employee and to an appeal.

Upon receipt of any appeal request, the Chief of Police will review the request with GPA legal counsel and will, if necessary, arrange a hearing with an arbitrator for determination. Applicants with grounds to appeal will be scheduled for a hearing and notified within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of their application. Findings will be submitted to GPA executive leadership for final determination.

If written request is not received within the allotted period, the proposed denial shall become final.

Visitor Badges:
GPA visitor badges will be issued at the point of entry. Persons who require access to the restricted marine terminals on an occasional basis for a legitimate need, must obtain a visitor pass prior to entry upon GPA terminal facilities. Visitors are asked to provide advance notice to the GPA Police with their full name, purpose of the visit, date and time of the visit in order to reduce time spent at the entry point.

Visitors will be required to present valid picture identification at the facility access control point (e.g., state driver’s license). The visitor pass must be displayed at all times while on the facility. The visitor will surrender the GPA visitor pass upon exit.

There is currently no charge for the initial GPA credential. Lost credentials are currently being replaced for a fee of $25. The GPA reserves the right to charge for GPA issued credentials in the future.


GPA Credentialing Center

Savannah Credentialing Center
Garden City Terminal
102 Main Street (GPA Annex 2)
Garden City, GA 31408
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri (6:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.); Sat. (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)
Closed Sundays and holidays

Brunswick Credentialing Center
Colonel’s Island Terminal
25 Joe Frank Harris Blvd. (GPAPD Office)
Brunswick, GA 31520
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri (6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; closed 10:45-11:15 for lunch)
Closed weekends and holidays