Network Georgia

A strategic multimodal operating plan that takes into consideration the port’s statewide logistics obligation.

Our Global Reach Starts in Georgia

GPA is now moving freight more freely around the globe in a post canal expansion environment. Both canals vital to global commerce have recently undergone game-changing improvements not seen in more than 100 years. Triple the amount of freight moves through the Panama Canal compared to a year ago, while twice the amount can move through the Suez Canal following its expansion in 2015.

Georgia’s Welcome Mat

Inland port facilities extend Georgia Ports connectivity across the state in several directions, providing direct paths from the Port of Savannah’s Garden City Terminal to a multitude of international trade lanes. These terminals allow cargo to be staged closer to population centers, making global trade more efficient for Georgia businesses. Together, the Appalachian Regional Port, the Blue Ridge Connector and the Carolina Connector complete this unmatched Southeast logistics network.