State of the Port - Savannah

Lynch: GPA ‘all-in’ on building best gateway for U.S. supply chains

Georgia Ports provides one of the nation’s best-connected port operations, with 35 weekly ocean carrier services, additional terminal capacity and land available in Georgia to attract new business. 


Number One State for Business

Georgia was ranked the number one state to do business for the tenth year in a row, according to Area Development. Transportation infrastructure, tax incentives and Georgia’s Quick-Start job-training program help attract jobs and opportunity to the state.

New Jobs

For the third year in a row, the state broke records for economic development during Fiscal Year 2023 through 426 projects supported by the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Global Commerce team. When excluding the two largest projects in state history – Rivian and Hyundai Motor Group – from the previous year’s job creation figures, total jobs as a result of FY2023 projects exceeded the previous record by more than 2,800 new positions. Annual investment totals have also increased by 131 percent over the last three years.

Manufacturing Move to Southeast

The population of the U.S. Southeast has grown by 9 percent since 2012, adding 6.5 million people and increasing consumer demand. This trend has also resulted in manufacturing shifting to the Southeast, with major brands establishing a presence.

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