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Georgia Ports Authority
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Media Guide

Georgia’s ports have an exciting story to tell; from containers, to Ro/Ro, to the role of our agri-bulk operations, we’re impacting the quality of life for millions around the globe.

As the GPA’s Corporate Communications Team, it’s our mission to keep the lines of communication open, and the information fresh.

The Georgia Ports Authority understands deadlines and the urgency of media requests, so we’ve endeavored to keep the site as press-friendly as possible. Please take time to read through this guide so that our team can better meet your needs.

Tour Requests

Members of the press requesting port tours may contact the Corporate Communications Team at [email protected] or 912.964.3855. Please include your contact information, your area of interest, and your availability in email correspondence. We will make every effort to accommodate each request.

Guests are required to obtain proper credentialing prior to entering a GPA terminal. Please note the following:

  • A GPA Communications Team member with a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) must accompany guests at all times. There can be no exceptions.
  • Members of the press must obtain a “visitor” badge available through each port’s administration office. The visitor must present a picture ID, as well as a business card, in order to obtain the pass.
  • Unauthorized entry to any GPA facility via land or water is unlawful and subject to prosecution. Prior approval is required for any photography or filming.

Natural Occurrences Affecting the Port

During an unusual occurrence, such as threatening weather conditions, the method of communication between Georgia Ports Authority and the media will be via news releases and real-time updates on the home page of

When the situation warrants, the Georgia Ports Authority coordinates with various external government agencies and local authorities. As soon as complete details are available, it is the GPA Corporate Communications Team’s goal to keep the media informed.

It is the responsibility of the media to confirm that the name of your organization, primary contact, physical address, email address, telephone number and fax number are on file with the GPA Corporate Communications office in order that your organization may be advised of newsworthy events in an efficient manner. Submit your information to [email protected].

Opening and Closing of Port Operations

During a natural occurrence or any disrupting activity, port operational status will be conveyed via the GPA website ( and news releases.

Additional statements pertaining to port operations during a natural occurrence may be obtained by contacting the GPA Corporate Communications office at 800.342.8012 or 912.964.3855. Under extreme circumstances, and to assure the safety of our staff, responsibility for information disbursement may be shifted to another GPA port and/or office location. Details on the appropriate contact information will be posted on GPA’s website.

Please note that during the closing of a Federal Navigation Channel, landside operations may continue as long as the safety of personnel and operations are not endangered. Please refer to the U.S. Coast Guard for additional information surrounding harbor closing and opening status.

U.S. Coast Guard / Marine Safety Office
912.652.4353 (ext. 205)

Notification for employees either to report or not to report to work during the crisis will be issued to all television and radio stations in the area, as well as at

Emergency Access

Requests for information concerning emergency situations and access to port facilities during emergencies should be arranged through the GPA Corporate Communications Team.

Media representatives responding to an emergency on port property are subject to proper access controls.

Members of the press responding to an emergency are subject to standard security procedures and should call ahead to coordinate their arrival with the Corporate Communications office. Be prepared to follow instructions related to the MARSEC Level and access directions, as well as additional restrictions.

If possible, authorized members of the press will be escorted to a safe, secure area as close to the emergency as possible without jeopardizing life, limb or property and without interfering with emergency and ongoing operations. Unless otherwise advised by the Corporate Communications Team, no photography, nor filming, is allowed.

GPA Port Police and other GPA emergency control officials have the authority to declare an area unsafe, or part of a crime scene, and consequently deny access to nonessential personnel. Unauthorized entry to any GPA facility via land or water is unlawful and subject to prosecution.

Logo, Photo and B-Roll Requests

The Georgia Ports Authority corporate logo, photos and video footage are available for use by the media. Contact Corporate Communications at [email protected] or 912.964.3855 to request specific items.

Please include your name, title, company, mailing address, telephone number and email address in written requests. Also include the nature of your request and specific images/footage requested along with the desired format. General usage guidelines will accompany each request. GPA retains all rights to material.

Video Requests

For requests for videos of Georgia’s ports, please contact Corporate Communications at [email protected] or 912.964.3855.

Executive Staff Interviews

For all media requests, including executive staff interviews contact Corporate Communications at [email protected] or 912.964.3855.