Port Logistics Group enters Savannah market


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Port Logistics Group has opened operations in Savannah with two new distribution customers.

“The addition of another national third-party logistics provider in Savannah will offer greater choice and increased competition for customers seeking 3PL services,” said Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Curtis Foltz. “Port Logistics’ presence here will also serve to further market the Port of Savannah as the company lures new customers here to serve the U.S. Southeast.”

With the addition of Savannah, Port Logistics Group operates more than 5.5 million square feet of warehouse space in and around key U.S. ports, including New York / New Jersey, LA / Long Beach, and Seattle / Tacoma.

“Our customers are interested in diversifying their port of call and limiting their exposure to supply chain inefficiencies. The Savannah market is the perfect answer for our customers’ distribution requirements,” said Greg Morello, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Port Logistics Group. “With its growing import container volumes, ample distribution center network, high caliber work force, and an efficient port infrastructure, Savannah is the perfect complement to Port Logistics Group’s gateway strategic plan.”

The new operation is just 6 miles from the Port of Savannah in a 685,000 square-foot facility.

“While the GPA invests $100 million a year in infrastructure, services from private, off-terminal providers act as economic multipliers,” Foltz said. “The growth of near-port distribution centers, third-party logistics providers, trucking and rail has enhanced Savannah’s efficiency, and enticed new business via the sales activities of 3PLs, and the success of current port users.”

Port Logistics Group will provide value-added services for its new customers, including building kits from multiple items, price ticketing and labeling for a high-end retail bedding and home goods customer, and light manufacturing and kitting for a furniture company serving mass market retailers across the U.S.

Morello said PLG’s expansion into Savannah fulfills a major strategic goal: Providing service through all major North American import gateways, also including New York-New Jersey, LA-Long Beach, Seattle-Tacoma and Houston.

“Our customers can now quickly adjust their supply chains to reduce costs and increase speed to market, and be confident they’ll receive consistent service, regardless of the port of entry,” Morello said.

For Port Logistics Group, specializing in retail, apparel, and general merchandise, Savannah has taken on increased prominence because of market factors such as congestion in other major ports and the widening of the Panama Canal.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients the flexibility of working with a trusted partner in multiple port locations,” said Bob Stull, Chief Executive Officer of Port Logistics Group.