Common use area - Colonel's Island Terminal


May 1, 2024


April 1, 2024

Prospective port users seeking to utilize the storage facilities within Colonel’s Island Terminal’s Common Use Area (CUA) are required to complete a sequence of steps. Prospective port users must execute a CUA Agreement, submit a Reservation Request, and obtain the Authority’s written approval before cargo can be stored within the CUA.  It is noteworthy that the CUA Agreement serves as the definitive source of guidelines pertaining to CUA usage protocols and other pertinent matters. These essential documents, namely the CUA Agreement and the Reservation Request Form, are conveniently accessible on the official website of the Authority. For your convenience in securing CUA space, the process can be initiated through a simple click here.

When cargo is stored in the Common Use Area of the Colonel’s Island Terminal, free time will be in accordance with Rule 34-210 of this schedule. If cargo remains in the CUA after the free time expires, the Authority will assess a rate of $6,000 per week, per acre rate for continued CUA usage. Furthermore, it is imperative to acknowledge that the Authority will also levy relevant storage charges in accordance with the guidelines delineated in MTOS 5-A, specifically as outlined within Rules 34-365 through 34-425.  Any supplementary charges applicable as per the terms enshrined in the CUA Agreement will also be enforced by the Authority.