Free Time (Breakbulk) - Savannah, Brunswick, Bainbridge


May 1, 2024


April 1, 2024

The Authority provides storage on its facilities only for the prompt assembly and distribution of waterborne cargoes. The following free time, which includes Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is allowed on breakbulk and RORO cargo imported or exported via the Authority’s facilities.

Cargo, Not Otherwise Specified 15 Consecutive Calendar Days (Inside or outside)
Static Machinery which is placed in an inside storage location

7 Consecutive Calendar Days

Out-of-Gauge Cargo at Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal

 5 Consecutive Calendar Days

Linerboard, Paperboard, Pulpboard, Carton Stock, Newsprint, Printing or Wrapping Paper, Woodpulp

15 Consecutive Calendar Days

Waste Paper

5 Consecutive Calendar Days

Common Use Area (CUA) at Colonel’s Island Terminal

0 Consecutive Calendar Days 


Free time on export cargo will begin the first 7:00 AM after receipt.

Free time on import cargo will begin the first 7:00 AM after the departure date of the vessel. (Note 3)

If the wharves, sheds, or warehouses become congested during terminal free time, the Authority has the option to transfer cargo to other storage areas to relieve such congestion. Any remaining free time on such cargo will continue to apply, no matter where such cargo is placed, as long as it remains on the Authority’s premises. See Rule 34-260 for charges regarding a transfer.

The Authority may revise the terminal free time allowed on any cargo if terminal operations or movement of cargoes are interrupted by a Force Majeure event, See Rule 34-085, or any unusual occurrence which, in the judgment of the Authority, warrants the revision of free time.

Note 1: The Authority will provide terminal storage space on the wharf of Ocean Terminal, provided such space is available and use of such space is coordinated, and approved, in advance, by an Ocean Terminal Operations Manager. Wharf free time at Ocean Terminal is five (5) consecutive calendar days.

Note 2:  If vessel departure is delayed due to repairs or governmental order, then free time will begin the first 7:00 AM after cargo discharge is completed.