Liability for Loss or Damage


August 1, 2023


August 1, 2023

For the purpose of this schedule, the term “Force Majeure” is defined as any act of God; act of the public enemy; strike; lockout or work stoppage; riot; tumult; insurrection; disorder; epidemic; pandemic; lightning; earthquake; fire; storm; wind; flood; hurricane; water; frost, fog or other weather-related occurrence; civil disturbance; war; governmental decree; act of any governmental authority; act of terrorism; cyberattack; condemnation; explosion; breakdown or failure of machinery and equipment; interference by civil or military authority; collapse of any building, shed, platform or wharf; settling of any floor or foundation; breakage of any pipe; loss caused by a rat, mouse, moth, weevil, or other animal or insect; failure or delay of any manufacturer or person from whom the Authority is obtaining machinery, equipment, materials, supplies to deliver the same; any other event or circumstance beyond the control of the Authority.

Except as may be caused by its own negligence, the Authority shall not be responsible for any delays, losses, damages or failure to perform any of its obligations under this schedule where such delays, losses, damages or failure to perform are due to Force Majeure.