Transfer of Cargo After Free Time


October 1, 2020


October 1, 2020

If, after free time expires, the Authority physically transfers either export cargo from storage to a point of rest, or import cargo from a point of rest to another on-terminal storage area, a transfer charge, consisting of one handling, and when applicable, one drayage, will be assessed to the owner of the cargo or its designated agent. If another on-terminal storage area is not available, the Authority, may at its option, transfer said cargo to private off-terminal commercial facilities. Also on cargo transferred within free time, but which remains in storage after free time has expired, the Authority may, at its option, assess one handling, and when applicable, one drayage charge, as if the transfer occurred after the expiration of free time.

If more than one bill of lading or warehouse receipt is transferred at the same time and as part of the same transfer process, minimum charges, if applicable, will be based on all the cargo transferred at that time.