Growing Big – Berth One Upgrades


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At the Georgia Ports Authority, we’re growing big.

With $1.8 billion in investments this year, the GPA is paving the way for 7.5 million TEUs in annual capacity in 2023, as we grow to 10 million TEUs by 2026.

We’re growing big for a reason: When the landscape of global commerce changes, success is won by those with the flexibility to adapt.

What matters is getting goods delivered to the people who need them. Effective ports have the size, the services, and the right equipment to support the smooth flow of cargo.

With the recent arrival of the biggest ship-to-shore cranes on the eastern seaboard, we’re just getting started.

Projects already underway at GPA are delivering more capacity, faster connections, and greater reach to the markets that matter. At Georgia Ports, big is not just a size, it’s a state of mind.

Discover more about how we’re growing big to handle more business, so you can too.