Growing Big – Mason Mega Rail


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Discover more about the now completed Mason Mega Rail in our new “Growing Big” video series.

When goods need to reach inland markets fast, it takes innovative solutions to get them there.  The Mason Mega Rail Terminal, a five-year infrastructure investment, is ready to roll.

Sitting on 85-acres at the Port of Savannah, Mason Mega Rail is the largest on-terminal intermodal facility in North America.  The new yard features more than 120,000 feet of rail and 18 working tracks, capable of serving six 10,000-foot trains simultaneously with 10 new rail-mounted gantry cranes.

Mason Mega Rail doubles Georgia Port’s previous intermodal capacity to 2 million TEUs a year. It’s all part of Georgia Ports “1,2,3” cargo strategy — one day off the vessel, two days transportation, and third day availability. Mason Mega Rail is changing the way cargo reaches a wide network of inland destinations from Atlanta and Dallas to Memphis and Chicago.  To grow big, you need more berth space, added yard capacity, and rail investments ready to help customers navigate any supply chain challenge. The only question is: which destination do you want your cargo to reach?