Global Commerce generates $4.4B in investments in Georgia


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The Global Commerce Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) helped create a total of 25,341 new jobs and generate $4.4 billion in investment during FY 16. This growth is a result of the expansion or relocation by 365 companies spanning every region of the state.

“Georgia has consistently been named a top state for business because of our highly skilled workforce and business-friendly economic environment,” said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal. “In recent years, companies from across the country and around the world have chosen Georgia to relocate their headquarters or expand operations. Our world-class infrastructure and thriving technology industry continue to attract companies looking to reach growing markets in the southeastern states. I am confident that Georgia has the resources and economic environment to support growing businesses in the years to come.”

In FY 16:

  • Businesses already located in Georgia produced 68 percent of the overall investment ($3 billion of $4.4 billion) and 56 percent of the total jobs created (14,234 of the 25,341). These businesses accounted for 73 percent of the total economic development announcements (268 of the 365 projects).
  • Companies new to the state created more than 11,000 jobs and generated $1.4 billion of investment.
  • Eighty-three international projects created more than 4,000 jobs and accounted for more than $1.3 billion of investment.
  • Thirteen Korean projects represent the highest investment percentage from a single country, and German companies created the most jobs.
  • Sixty-four percent of the total economic development announcements were outside of the Atlanta area.
  • The state’s workforce saw significant growth in the following industries: aerospace (89 percent), logistics and distribution (114 percent) and data centers (883 percent).
  • The GDEcD Entrepreneur and Small Business Team provided one-on-one direct assistance to 1,016 companies, of which 60 percent were startups.
  • GDEcD added 15 certified sites to the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development program, bringing the total to 55 statewide locations. Click here for a complete list.

“These numbers represent 25,341 families that will have a new source of income and more than 102 communities that will see quality investment opportunities,” said GDEcD Commissioner Chris Carr. “In addition, our successes in FY 16 confirm that our pro-business environment is continuing to attract quality companies looking to locate or expand, and they should serve as a point of pride for all Georgians. We are looking forward to another great year.”

“Under the GDEcD Global Commerce umbrella, we house experts in the following areas: Automotive, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Agribusiness, Food, Life Sciences, Corporate Solutions, Digital Entertainment, IT, International Industry, Existing Industry and Small Business,” said GDEcD Deputy Commissioner for Global Commerce Tom Croteau. “What’s more, we have some of the best economic development partners in the business. Every day, these individuals collectively work to recruit quality business, and on behalf of GDEcD, I would like to extend a thank you to these professionals for their positive impact on our state.”