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The success of Georgia’s ports translates to employment opportunities for each of Georgia’s 159 counties.Port-related expansions announced during Fiscal Year 2015 will bring more than $633 million in investment, 4.7 million square feet of development and around 3,000 new jobs to Georgia.

In addition to the new jobs, the ports help to sustain more than 369,000 jobs across the state.

Companies that ship through Georgia’s ports benefit from superior road and rail infrastructure, and the most global container services of any port in the U.S. Southeast. The Port of Savannah’s 38 weekly services give American manufacturers greater scheduling flexibility and global market reach.

Additionally, the GPA’s specialized operations – containerized goods at Garden City Terminal, breakbulk at Ocean Terminal, and Brunswick’s three terminals specializing in breakbulk, bulk and Ro/Ro – ensure expert handling in each cargo sector.

New customers comment most on the ease of doing business with Georgia’s ports.

GPA’s website features informative, useful tools.  Live client relations specialists answer questions by phone to help keep cargo moving. Port employees collaborate with port customers, economic developers, utilities and others to make projects work for business. 



The statewide economic impact of Georgia’s deepwater ports includes:

·     $84.1 billion in sales (9.6 percent of Georgia’s total sales);

·     $33.2 billion in state GDP (7.2 percent of Georgia’s total GDP);

·     $20.4 billion in income (5.3 percent of Georgia’s total personal income);

·     369,193 full- and part-time jobs (8.4 percent of Georgia’s total employment);

·     $4.5 billion in federal taxes;

·     $1.3 billion in state taxes; and

·     $1 billion in local taxes.

SOURCE: The Economic Impact of Georgia’s Deepwater Ports On Georgia’s Economy in FY 2014