Domtar expands Wayne County facility, adding more jobs


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Domtar Corporation, the leading provider of fiber-based products, will invest more than $60 million towards an expansion of its Engineered Absorbent Materials (EAM) manufacturing operations in Jesup.

Domtar’s facility in Wayne County has developed and quality manufactured absorbent core solutions since 1998. After a previous expansion in 2014, the facility employed 90 Georgia residents. Now, there will be more than 160 Domtar employees upon completion of the project.

It also will increase the exports made through the Port of Savanah by 60 percent and will add nearly 500 containers to their yearly exports.

“At Georgia Ports, we’re happy to support the export of Georgia-made products and the jobs those exports mean for communities across the state,” said Griff Lynch, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority. 

The project will be beneficial for Domtar’s airlaid nonwoven business, critical for hygiene products globally.

“This expansion is great news for Domtar and Wayne County. It’s the largest local industry expansion in several years and will provide a financial boost for Wayne County’s economy. We’re always thrilled when jobs come to Wayne County, and we are excited that Domtar chose this facility for their expansion as they are an extremely valuable employer to our community,” said Dell Keith, executive director of the Wayne County Industrial Development Authority.