Celebrating Georgia Day


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On Georgia Day, we not only celebrate our past — we look to our future.

At the Georgia Ports Authority, we are proud to play a role in moving the Peach State’s economy forward. While we have experienced our share of challenges the past few years, we have used those lessons to build for a stronger tomorrow.

Since 1945, the GPA has provided a vital gateway for international trade and investment, enriching the state’s economy for all Georgians. Over the past 78 years, this entryway has grown.

Today, the Georgia Ports Authority features a wide geographic footprint, including deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick, and inland terminals in Chatsworth, Bainbridge, and Columbus.

These deepwater ports and inland terminals support more than 561,000 jobs throughout the state each year. They contribute $33 billion in income, $140 billion in revenue, and $3.8 billion in state and local taxes to the economy annually.

Last year, the GPA handled a record 5.9 million twenty-foot equivalent container units during the e-commerce boom, an increase of 5% over 2021. As we enter 2023, the surge of goods is easing, warehouses are still full, and product is moving more slowly. We will manage through this slow down together as we anticipate volumes picking up again later this year.

That’s why we’re taking this time to invest in future growth. Thanks to the support of our Board of Directors, we are making a record $1.7 billion in capital improvements in 2023. These include new, big ship berths, rail improvements, and expanded container storage which will increase our capacity to 9.5 million TEUs by 2026.

When our state needs us, we step up to the challenges and opportunities that come our way. After all, Georgia was built by doers; those who work hard to make their dreams a reality.

On behalf of the GPA, we wish everyone a Happy Georgia Day, as we celebrate the accomplishments of all Georgians — past, present, and future.

Griff Lynch, Executive Director – Georgia Ports Authority