Ocean Link Opens Eatonton Warehouse


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Ocean Link, Inc. has announced the opening of a new warehouse in Eatonton, Georgia. The new facility is the sixth warehouse in the Southeastern United States for Ocean Link which also operates in Savannah, Pooler and Garden City, Georgia—and now Eatonton.

This new warehouse will allow Ocean Link to better service its Middle and North Georgia customers by providing shorter shipping times as well as increasing inventory and product availability to all customers.

The nearly 150,000 square foot facility, which will house multiple customers and commodities, operates from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EDT) Monday through Friday.

This sixth warehouse should greatly enhance our ability to provide Ocean Link’s customers with the products they want, when they want them. Additional features of the Eatonton, GA warehouse facility are a rail siding with service provided by Norfolk Southern, making it an ideal reload location, and the absence of any taxes on inventory within the warehouse.

“Ocean Link’s plan is to build on what we believe are needed services in Georgia and to position ourselves to adapt to the growing Georgia Ports Authority Garden City Terminal by offering alternatives to straight haulage to and from the Atlanta market,” said Craig Vickery, director of sales and business development for Ocean Link. “Ocean Link is looking to become a single-source provider for our customers by complementing our existing warehousing services with final-mile delivery services to the customers in the Atlanta market and/or the Georgia Ports Authority’s Garden City Terminal by utilizing our sister company, GEMI Trucking.”

“Ocean Link also believes the establishment of our newest warehouse shows our commitment to improving our already top-notch customer services,” Vickery said. “Ocean Link will continue to invest in infrastructure and logistics support to maximize our capability to perform as a leading warehouse operation in Georgia.”