Use of Automated Systems


October 1, 2021


March 30, 2007

Any ocean carrier calling at Authority-operated terminals on a regular basis, and which has a contractual agreement with the Authority agrees that it and its contractors will use the Authority’s automated systems during the entirety of the contractual term. Systems’ processes include those for all interchanged activities and reporting; terminal planning, operations, and reporting; container freight station (CFS) planning, operations, and reporting; as well as any additional automated services inclusive in the processes and operations of the Authority. The Authority reserves the right to require industry-standard electronic data interchange (EDI) practices to be used by the ocean carrier and its contractors for data exchange.

If the Authority discovers its systems are being manipulated by an ocean carrier or its contractors to avoid legitimate charges assessed by the Authority, the offending carrier will be invoiced a penalty of $320.00 per container involved in such manipulation.