Terminal Security Surcharge


October 1, 2023


July 31, 2023

The Authority will assess a terminal security surcharge to offset the cost of federally mandated facility security measures. Such security expenses may be incurred as a result of compliance with the MTSA and/or other applicable federal or state regulations. The surcharge will be assessed as provided below, in full, regardless of any other agreements.

Fully Cellular Container Vessels
$9.50, per container, laden or empty, to or from the vessel (Notes 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7)
Noncellular and all other vessels, including barges
$4.85, per linear foot, overall per call (Notes 3, 4, and 5)


Note 1:
  Restows are exempt from this surcharge.

Note 2:  This surcharge is assessed to the line owning/leasing/transporting the container, or its agent.

Note 3:  This surcharge is assessed to the vessel or its agent.

Note 4:  Vessels that are in lay berth status will be assessed one-half of the LOA rate.

Note 5:  Naval vessels on liberty calls will not be assessed this surcharge.

Note 6:  Fully cellular vessels calling at the Authority’s Ocean Terminal to discharge and/or load breakbulk cargo shall be assessed one-half of the LOA rate listed above while berthed at Ocean Terminal, provided said vessel also discharges and/or loads containers at the Authority’s Garden City Terminal.

Note 7:  Transshipped containers will only be assessed this surcharge on the inbound move.