Rolled Export Containers (loaded units)


September 1, 2022


July 21, 2022

Containers received on Authority terminals for a specific export vessel sailing will be subject to a charge each time the ocean carrier or its agent changes the booking to another export vessel. When an export-loaded container is rolled from its original vessel (Vessel #1) and rolled to a subsequent vessel (Vessel #2), the Tier 1 rate will apply.  If the same export-loaded container is rolled from Vessel 2 to another to come vessel, the Tier 2 rate will apply.  In the event an export-loaded container is placed in a “NULL” status, the Tier 1 rates will be assessed.

The charge to be assessed is as follows:

Per Rolled Container     Tier 1     $ 200.00 (Note)

Per Rolled Container    Tier 2      $300.00 (Note)

Note: There will be no additional charge assessed for a Stack Relocation, if the Authority has to physically move the container due to a change in vessel.