Receipt of Yachts at Ocean Terminal


May 1, 2024


April 1, 2024

Lifting import yachts and boats to the water must be coordinated with the Authority’s Container Operations management team. The Authority will not permit the lifting of boats and yachts from water if they are arriving for export.

Yacht Dimensions

Beams up to 18 feet overall width of yacht to include attachments, accessories and/or cradle are routinely handled by the Authority. The receipt of yachts with beams that exceed 18 feet require the pre-approval and coordination of the Authority and the applicable stevedoring company.

The Authority does not have a yacht length restriction. However, additional arrangements are required for yachts exceeding fifty-eight (58) feet in length and are identified as follows:

(1) Export yacht exceeding fifty-eight (58) feet in length may require the motor carrier to maintain the yacht and its trailer. Ultimately, delivering the yacht alongside the ocean-going vessel for loading. This requires validation of the fit of the intended yacht to the intended cradle.

(2) Import yacht exceeding fifty-eight (58) feet in length requires the stevedore to separate the yacht from the cradle and deliver them to the trailer or water. The yacht must be appropriately released, via shipside cargo release (SSCR) certificate, by concerned parties prior to exiting the Authority’s terminals via truck or via water.

(3) Contact the stevedoring company to obtain additional information regarding yachts that exceed fifty-eight (58) feet in length.

Authority Crane Capacity

Berths 12,13, 18 and the Slip, the maximum yacht weight is 92.16 short tons (83.60 metric tons), allocating 7.84 short tons (7 metric tons) for lifting gear.

Crane capacity is 100 short tons (90.71 metric tons) for said berths. (Note 1)

Yacht Placement

Yachts in cradles and any other cargo will not be grounded, and/or stored on the Authority’s dock, and/or the back-reach of the crane.

Import Yachts directly discharged from ocean-going vessel to water is recommended.

Yachts directly discharged to trucks are treated as out of gauge cargo and must be landed directly on an outbound trailer for immediate movement off the Authority terminal.

Yachts up to fifty-eight (58) feet received for export will be placed on a mafi trailer upon receipt and parked until vessel loading.

Mafi Trailers

Arrangements for use of mafi trailers must be made with the applicable stevedoring company.

Note 1: The Authority cannot guarantee an open berth adjacent to vessel loading or discharging a yacht to/from the water.

Note 2: The Authority will not lash a yacht to a cradle for ocean transport. Lashing must be arranged with the stevedoring company.

Note 3: The Authority’s operational preference for handling import yachts to the water is to complete the lift at a high or slack tide, and during daylight hours only.