Port Police


March 1, 2021


February 5, 2021

Although the Authority provides security at its terminals, the Authority does not guarantee protection to the Terminal User or its property from arson, pilferage, theft, vandalism, or other damage
The Authority’s Port Police have jurisdiction over all security at Authority terminals including, but not limited to: cargo, gate, gangway watch, and other routine or emergencies. A Terminal User’s
request to use of private or special security, on Authority property must be preapproved by the Authority’s Vice President of Protective Services, who can be contacted at (912)-963-5596. If approved, only certified police officers may be used. The Vice President of Protective Services will determine the number of private or special security personnel assigned. The Authority reserves the right to assess a charge for any special activity or function. Charges for private or special security will be invoiced at cost plus thirty (30) percent. However, Rule 34-191 specifies the charges for Port Police personnel performing TWIC Escort Services and Rule 34-630 specifies general charges for Port Police personnel.