Personnel Access to Facilities


October 1, 2020


October 1, 2020

All Authority facilities are Limited/ Restricted Access Areas and are under full-time video surveillance. Access is controlled, and entry is allowed only for valid and verifiable business purposes. Persons seeking entry must present approved photo identification to Port Police and state a legitimate business purpose for entry.

Any persons requiring frequent and regular unescorted access to facilities must possess credentials issued by the Authority, as well as the federally mandated TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential). Frequent and regular access is defined as more than five (5) times in a one-year period. To register for an Authority-issued credential, refer to the Authority’s website To obtain the TWIC, contact Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at telephone number 866-347-8942 or email address: [email protected].

As of December 1, 2008, any persons attempting entry without a TWIC must be escorted by an authorized escort. Said escorts will be permitted on a very limited and advance approval basis only. Persons attempting entry without a TWIC or proper escort will be denied access. An authorized escort failing to comply with these requirements shall be subject to a fine and be denied access to the Authority facilities. Escorts shall be required to execute an appropriate form in advance agreeing to be responsible for compliance, and the payment of any fine in the event of noncompliance.