Obstructions and Cargo Left on Wharf


October 1, 2020


October 1, 2020

( A ) Stevedore’s appliances, equipment, tools, vehicles or any other material or object excluding throughput cargo, is prohibited from remaining on wharves when not in use. If such obstruction is not removed immediately upon notification by the Authority, the Authority will remove and store the item(s) and the owner will incur all expenses.

( B ) No cargo may remain on wharves unless written approval is granted by the Authority in advance of cargo arrival. This section applies to breakbulk cargo, over-dimensional cargo containers discharged from or loaded to vessels, cargo unloaded from containers at the same terminal, and any other cargo. When cargo is placed on the Authority’s wharf without prior written approval terminal free time will not be granted, and the ocean carrier will be assessed daily charges as listed below in Section D. Additionally, the Authority may transfer the cargo to a secondary point of rest and assess a minimum charge of $2,800.00, per unit, to the ocean carrier.

( C ) When a stevedore discharges a flatrack to a mafi trailer, it may be necessary for the Authority to move the loaded mafi trailer to a proper point of rest. If the preceding occurs, and the Authority unloads the cargo from the flatrack while it is upon the mafi, the Authority will assess a third-party crane charge to the ocean carrier, which is subject to a minimum of $1,550.00, per unit.

( D ) Regarding import cargo, the cargo account, or its customs broker, must ensure proper releases are obtained from both the ocean carrier and all required governmental agencies before the cargo leaves the Authority’s terminal. Daily Charge – $2,000.00, per unit, (See Notes 1, 2, and 3)

Note 1: This rule will also apply to boat and yacht cradles.

Note 2: The day the cargo is placed on the wharf shall be considered the first calendar day.

Note 3: This charge will be assessed in full, regardless of any discount provisions in separate
agreements with the Authority.