Long Storage Tri-Axle and Genset Chassis Storage


October 1, 2019


August 1, 2019

Non-married tri-axle and genset chassis will be allotted 30 consecutive free days on the terminal. If chassis are not removed from the terminal within the allotted 30 consecutive days the applicable MTO Rule 34-520 non-married tri-axle and genset Terminal Storage rate will apply.

The charges in this rule will be assessed in full regardless of provisions in any other agreement between the ocean carrier and the Authority.

Company or trucker-owned chassis left on the Authority’s terminals will not receive terminal free time. The Company/trucker-owned Terminal Use and Storage Fees listed in MTO Rule 34-520 will be assessed to the applicable bill-to-party, which is the Company or truck driver. The chassis will not be released for pickup until all terminal fees are paid in advance to the Authority. (Note 1)

Note 1: After 30 consecutive days a non-married tri-axle and/or genset chassis will be classified as a long storage chassis.