Government Agency Inspections: Centralized Examination Station


March 25, 2024


March 25, 2024

Full inspection, per container: (Notes 1,2, and 3)      
Container Size  20 ft   40 ft      45 ft
Palletized Cargo        $732 $1,082 $1,182
Non-Palletized Cargo $1,082 $1,482 $1,682
Partial Inspection, per container: (Notes 1,2 and 3)      
Container Size   20 ft 40 ft       45 ft
Palletized Cargo  $532 $662 $732
Non-Palletized Cargo $792 $1,107 $1,352


Handling Charge – Seized Cargo: (Notes 1,2,5, and 6) = $290, per labor hour or fraction thereof

Tailgate Inspection, per container: (Notes 1,2, and 3) = $352

Government Agency Facilitation Fee, per container: (Notes 1,2, and 4) = $397

The Government Agency Facilitation Fee includes the following types of CES inspections: Non-Intrusive Examination, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Food and Drug Agency, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Vacis Exams for CET, Outbound Agriculture or Trade), US Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Cargo Damage and Variance Impeding Normal Handling: (Notes 1 and 3) = Call For Rate (912)-963-5437

Charges for equipment, labor, and materials to be determined and communicated to the bill-to-party preceding providing CES services.

Hazardous Cargo: (Notes 1 and 3) = Call For Rate (912)-963-5437 Charges for equipment, labor, and materials to be determined and communicated to the bill to the party preceding providing CES services.


Note 1: Charges are assessed to the Ocean Carrier and/or its authorized agent. The Authority will not honor requests to cancel any billing and re-bill another party.

Note 2: The Authority provides the following services included in this charge: Relocation services for Government Agencies to/from Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal to the CES for inspection without devanning; Mounting and grounding of a container for one on-terminal Governmental Agency inspection; and Seal changes for Government Agency inspections exclusively.

However, if the Authority is directed to devan any cargo for inspection, the charges applicable for the Partial or Full inspection will  apply in addition to the Government Agency Facilitation Fee, and the Tailgate Inspection Fee. 

Note 3: When the Authority devans a container at the direction of any of the aforementioned government agencies and all of the devanned cargo will not fit back into the original container, due to the nature or the intricacies of the cargo and/or loading pattern, the Authority will not be responsible for any additional charges.

Note 4: This charge will apply a second time when the Authority is requested to relocate/rehandle a container from the CES to Garden City Terminal’s designated wash pad or fumigation area, due to a governmental agency directive.

The washing or fumigation of cargo must be conducted by an Authority-approved Third Party Vendor, which the cargo owner or customs broker will select.

Note 5: Charge is for the re-handling, palletizing, and shrink wrapping of government seized cargo from the warehouse floor to a secured area within the CES. This charge will be added to all preceding CES-provided fees and services.

Note 6: If seized cargo handling time exceeds one hour, the Authority will assess labor charges for each quarter-hour over the first hour.