Free Time (Mason Mega Rail Terminal)


October 1, 2022


August 1, 2022

Containers will be granted the following free time, beginning with the first 12:01 AM after being unloaded:


International Containers (as defined herein, see MTOS 10-A, Rule 34-100)
Provided the ocean carrier has scheduled through GPA’s NAVIS container management system prior to arrival at the Mason Mega Rail Terminal

Import – Seven (7) consecutive calendar days

Export – Nine (9) consecutive calendar days

Domestic Containers arriving via rail (as defined herein, see MTOS 10-A, Rule 34-100)

Two (2) consecutive calendar days

Exception – All other containers received by the Authority, including but not limited to containers stuffed (loaded) by the Authority at the request of a cargo account, which are out-gated and ultimately exported via terminals other than the Authority’s Garden City Terminal or Ocean Terminal shall be granted no free time other than the day of receipt.