Crane Minimums


January 26, 2021


January 26, 2021

Minimum lease time for crane(s) will be six (6) hours per crane for a straight time operation and eight (8) hours per crane for overtime or legal holiday operations, except on 2400 hour starts, which will have a seven (7) hour minimum lease time. The lease time is subject to the minimum crane lease charges as provided in rule 34-625. The applicable crane lease charge will be assessed for the hours the crane(s) is (are) utilized, and any remaining hours on either the 6-hour straight time minimum or the 7-hour/8-hour overtime minimum, as the case may be, will be assessed the applicable stand-by labor rate.

Should a crane (cranes) be utilized by one stevedore or lessee while the crane (cranes) is (are) under lease to another stevedore or lessee, the minimum billing to each stevedore or lessee will be the minimum charge, specified in rule 34-625.

The minimum lease charge for container cranes  and mobile harbor cranes will be one (1) hour per crane.