Consignment of Cargo


October 1, 2021


August 23, 2021

The Authority should not be considered as the shipper/consignor or consignee of cargo moving via its terminals. While the Authority may provide loading and unloading services, in connection with cargo shipments arriving and departing by motor and rail carriers for the benefit of exporters and importers, it has no control over either the volume or timing of such shipments. This lack of control adversely affects the Authority’s ability to complete loading and unloading of cargo within the specific time allowed by the motor or rail carrier. Therefore, the beneficial cargo owners of shipments arriving or departing via motor or rail carrier will remain responsible for scheduling their shipments to and from the Authority’s facilities, as well as for payment of ocean carrier, railroad, or other entity-related demurrage, detention, transportation, and any other charges associated with such shipments. The Authority will only accept demurrage or detention resulting from negligence we determine to be our own, or in instances where we have specific agreements in place with the beneficial cargo owner. Otherwise, the Authority will hold the beneficial cargo owner responsible and will assess a thirty-five percent (35%) mark-up for processing such detention or import load storage and/or export load storage invoices.