Colonel's Island Terminal: Common Use Area (Open Ground Waterfront-Automobile Storage)


October 1, 2019


August 1, 2019

Authority space occupancy forms shall describe the common use area granted on a space-available and temporary basis. The Authority reserves the right to designate such areas. Cargo must be stored in accordance with the Authority’s operational and safety procedures. A minimum billable period of one (1) day to the ocean carrier shall apply and daily occupancy charges will cease subsequent to all import and/or export cargo being removed from the assigned area.


Space Occupancy Rate
Day 1 – 5 $958, per day, per acre
Day 6-10 $1,670, per day, per acre
Day 11-15 $2,574, per day, per acre
Day 16 and beyond The Authority reserves the right to charge up to 200%, per day, in addition to the day 11-15 rate.


To reserve Common Use Area space contact Colonel’s Island Terminal at 912- 264-7295 or [email protected]