Collection of Charges in Advance


January 31, 2022


January 31, 2022

Prior to receiving services hereunder, the user shall be required to complete a credit application.  User consents to and authorizes, the release of credit and financial information by any bank or credit reporting agency to the Authority for the purpose of evaluating the user’s creditworthiness.  Following its review of the application, the Authority shall determine, in its sole discretion, the amount of credit, if any, to be extended to the user.  User’s receipt of services from the Authority shall constitute an express representation that the user both intends to pay for such services and has the ability to do so.  User agrees to provide the Authority with information regarding any change in the ownership, or business, of the user which may have an impact on the user’s creditworthiness and ability to pay amounts due.  The Authority may increase or decrease the amount of credit granted to the user, at any time, at its sole discretion.  If the Authority does not extend credit to a user, or a user’s account becomes delinquent and remains so for thirty (30) days, the Authority reserves the right to collect charges in advance.  In either event, the user shall be required to estimate their charges and remit payment to the Authority prior to receiving services, utilizing Terminal facilities and/or vessel arrival.  If payment is not received in advance, the Authority shall have the right to deny services and use of Terminal facilities until all past due amounts, if any, and estimated charges have been received.