Charges for Equipment Labor and Materials


November 8, 2021


November 8, 2021

When services are performed by the Authority for which no specific charges are published in the MTOS, the rates in Rules 34-625 and 34-630 for equipment and labor will be charged for performing such services, subject to the minimum charges in Rule 34-180. When Authority personnel are directed to work overtime, a minimum of six (6) hours, per employee, will be assessed. Materials or equipment purchased or leased for provided services will be charged at actual cost plus thirty-five (35%) for procurement and sales tax will be assessed whenever required by law. 

Upon request, the Authority may facilitate third-party vendor service if reasonably available and not in conflict with services provided by the Authority. The Authority will not supervise, or otherwise direct, any third-party vendor in the performance of their services, nor will the Authority accept any liability on behalf of such vendor(s). Charges for third-party vendors will be assessed at cost plus thirty-five (35) percent, when the Authority is responsible for the said vendor’s charges, unless otherwise indicated.