Application of Schedule


August 1, 2018


July 1, 2018

The provisions of this MTOS including, without limitation, the rules, definitions, charges and regulations contained herein, shall apply equally to all Users of the Authority’s ARP terminal facility, on the effective date shown, or with respect to any amendments to this MTOS, on the effective date of such amendments. The use of the ARP terminal facility or services shall constitute a consent to the terms and conditions of this MTOS, and evidences an agreement on the part of all Users to pay all charges specified in this MTOS and be governed by all rules and regulations contained herein. This MTOS is enforceable by the Authority, and an appropriate court, as an implied contract without proof of actual knowledge of its provisions. Each User shall be liable for noncompliance with the terms of this MTOS by such User’s officers, directors, agents, employees, invitees, contractors or subcontractors.