Hydroponic lettuce grower investing $18 million in Peach County project


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Hydroponic living lettuce grower Pete’s recently announced plans to open its first Eastern agriculture facility in Peach County. The $18 million indoor controlled-environment greenhouse will feature 24 acres of growing area.

The company will grow fresh greens, like lettuce and cress, and claims its hydroponic farming method will require 90 percent less land and water compared to traditional farming.

“Our goal with our new Georgia facility is to expand on our mission, helping to ensure that consumers in the Southeast have access to clean, sustainable greens that are grown close to home,” said Pete’s CEO Brian Cook.

Pete’s new facility will be in Robins International Industrial Park, a “Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development” (GRAD) Certified site, with “Select” status. 

“Agriculture is our top industry, and Pete’s will bring another game-changing, innovative and sustainable indoor farming facility to Georgia as we continue to feed the world from the Peach State,” said Gov. Brian Kemp.

Consisting of four varieties, Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh will offer environmentally conscious consumers in the Southeast a range of fresh and sustainable packaged salad. In addition, Greenhouse Fresh packaging containers are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material.