Georgia Ports employees support American Red Cross


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Thirty-eight GPA employees donated 40 pints during the American Red Cross blood drive last month.


Recent blood drive netted enough to save up to 120 lives

For five hours last month, 38 Georgia Ports employees streamed into the police auditorium to help save lives.

The donors who answered the call during April’s American Red Cross blood drive gave 40 pints of blood — enough to save up to 120 lives. This event accounted for 34 percent of GPA’s annual donation goal.

The donations were the second most collected through a GPA blood drive since 2017, falling just one pint shy of the record.

As concerns mount over COVID-19, Wellness Coordinator Maddie O’Neill said the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed blood donations essential.

GPA Chief Human Resources Officer Lise Altman said despite the daily challenges over the virus, GPA employees have continued to step up to help their neighbors in the Coastal Empire.

“GPA is a big part of the American Red Cross’ success in our region,” Altman said. “We can’t thank our employees enough for their commitment.”

O’Neill said GPA encourages individuals to participate in the drives to help ensure a stable supply during emergencies. The Red Cross provided masks to donors, volunteers and staff. All participants were also required to pre-schedule their appointment.

“It is because of GPA’s support that we are able to have such an amazing impact on our communities in Georgia,” said Carrie Friend, GPA’s account manager for donor recruitment with the Red Cross.

“A pint of blood affects so many more people than the patient who receives the transfusion. We can count a pint of blood but we can’t calculate the amount of joy it will bring the families who have more time to spend with their loved ones.” 

Because donors can safely give blood every eight weeks, GPA’s next drive is scheduled for June 17.