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October 24, 2023

Bid Documents Available

November 2, 2023

Bid Opening

January 10, 2024

The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) will receive sealed bids for its Ocean Terminal Bridge and Off Site Roadway Project No. 2209-1127 located in Savannah, Georgia. The project will construct a truck-only exit bridge linking Ocean Terminal directly to southbound SR-404 Spur on-ramp and a truck-only entrance road accessible via the northbound off-ramp of SR-404 Spur at Louisville Road.

Part 1 of the project will construct an elevated 970-foot multi-span single-lane bridge beginning on GPA property, crossing over Louisville Road and Springfield Canal, then connecting to the existing on-ramp to SR-404 Spur in GDOT right-of-way. Project activities include construction of MSE ramp, piling, bridge piers, bridge, retaining walls, earthworks, pavements, drainage, erosion control, relocation of an existing 24” grey water effluent force main owned by City of Savannah and relocation of light poles. Work includes restriping portions of SR-404 and the on-ramp at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The project will be constructed without interruption to GPA operations.

Part 2 is a Bid Alternative that will construct a right-turn lane at the northbound off-ramp of SR-404 Spur at Louisville Road, signalize the intersection, and a construct a two-lane, truck-only entrance into Ocean Terminal. Project work will construct white topping of the off-ramp, pavements, earthworks, fencing, and drainage. At the location of the new entrance, preparation of the site includes clearing of undeveloped land, removal of an earthen berm, site regrading, and erosion control.

The project will be constructed and documented to GDOT standards, and the Contractor shall provide all required GDOT testing through a third-party GDOT certified testing agency. 


Project Manager

Andrew Dowding Email


22 Barnard Street, Suite 240, Savannah, GA 31401