Smithsonian’s ‘How Did They Fix That’ features Port of Savannah


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Episode airing Sunday, June 30

JUNE 28, 2024 – The Georgia Ports Authority will be featured on “How Did They Fix That” at 9 p.m., Sunday, June 30, on the Smithsonian Channel.

In the episode, host Mike Davidson works with teams at the Port of Savannah to repair and maintain massive cargo-handling machines.

“We’re happy to see the Smithsonian Channel highlighting behind-the-scenes workers at GPA who are out there every day, making sure our operations are running smoothly and safely,” said GPA President and CEO Griff Lynch. “The technicians and mechanics at Georgia Ports are some of the best in the industry, and a major reason our Konecranes ship-to-shore cranes have an up-time of 99.6 percent.”

Major upgrades are taking the port’s container ship operations to a whole new level.

In the episode, Davidson is on the team with specialized crews to lift and move three, retired 3 million-pound cranes to make room for even bigger ones. He also digs in with crew on major repairs to the cranes, vehicles and machines that keep goods flowing.

The shipments of essential goods moving through the Port of Savannah never stop, and neither does the pressure to keep these machines up and running.

The episode will also be available on Paramount Plus for streaming in mid-November.

About Georgia Ports

Georgia’s ports and inland terminals support more than 561,000 jobs throughout the state annually, contributing $33 billion in income, $140 billion in revenue and $3.8 billion in state and local taxes to Georgia’s economy. GPA anticipates investing $4.5 billion in the next ten years as part of its port master plan to expand cargo handling capabilities to support future supply chain requirements. As part of GPA’s community engagement efforts, $6 million will be donated to communities located near the Port of Savannah to support a multi-year, local workforce housing initiative. CNBC ranked Georgia #1 in the U.S. for infrastructure in America’s Top States for Business in 2023.    Area Development  – a site selection news outlet for the U.S., has ranked Georgia as the Top State to Do Business for ten consecutive years.  For further information, visit or contact Manager of Media Relations Edward Fulford at [email protected]  912-964-3806.