Georgia Ports statement on potential rail stoppage


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SAVANNAH, Ga., Sept. 12, 2022 – Georgia Ports Authority liaisons have been in constant communication with CSX and Norfolk Southern, and the Authority remains hopeful the parties will reach an agreement to avert a rail stoppage.

Presently, intermodal cargo represents about 17 percent of GPA’s total container trade.

While Georgia Ports operates Mason Mega Rail at the Port of Savannah, GPA cannot move intermodal trains on or off the terminal without the aid of the railroads.

Should a strike occur, GPA has the capability to sort rail-bound imports as they are offloaded from vessels, and send them to specific stacks on the container yard. The Port of Savannah recently added 20,000 container slots at Garden City Terminal.

Additionally, Georgia Ports has options for moving stalled rail containers by truck to off-terminal depots.

These options give GPA the ability to absorb the impact of unexpected variances in trade while maintaining the fluid movement of cargo.