Backup Generators Maintenance and Repair


Garden City Terminal

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Awarded Bids


Engineering / Maintenance, Other

Bid Posted Date:

March 1, 2024

Bid Documents Available:

March 1, 2024

Bid Due Date:

March 15, 2024

Contract: Backup Generators Maintenance and Repair

Contract Description: 12 mo. contract includes, but is not limited to, providing all labor, tools, equipment, and services required to perform generator maintenance at Georgia Ports Authorities Garden City.

Contract Term: The contract term will be a twelve (12) month period and may be renewed for two (2) successive one (1) year renewal periods with written approval of the GPA and the vendor. If funding for a renewal period is approved, the services would be ordered on a new contract if all contracting parties so agree, and services/products provided by the vendor have been satisfactory.


Roger Roriex



P.O. Box 2406

Savannah, GA 31402


+1 912 964 3992

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