U.S. Military Deployments or Exercises


October 1, 2022


August 1, 2022

Rates are assessed per Measurement Ton. One (1) Measurement Ton = 40 cubic feet.  (Note 1)

The Authority will assess the following rates, as applicable, whenever any branch of the U.S. military conducts deployments and/or exercises at Authority terminals.

Inclusive of the U.S. Military  rates are as follows:

1) Providing a designated cargo assembly area for the stowage of cargo;

2) Terminal storage for twenty-one (21) consecutive calendar days and

3) Wharfage


Tracked or wheeled vehicles/equipment, NOS $5.66
Helicopters $5.66
Containers $5.66



Note 1: U.S. military shall be responsible for payment of costs arising from:

1) Shifting vessels to free berths for the military’s use;

2) Discharging commercial cargo to free vessels for the military’s use; and

3) The performance of other terminal services or use of facilities including, but not limited to, the clearing of a designated cargo assembly area.