Ship-to-Shore Container Crane and Mobile Handling Surcharge


October 1, 2022


July 31, 2023

When steel wires, ropes, slings, etc., are used in conjunction with the ship to shore container crane or mobile harbor crane to safely discharge, or load, out of gauge cargo onto flatracks, open top, loaded or empty containers to or from a vessel, a handling surcharge of $620.00, per six (6) minute increment, per flatrack / container, will be assessed to the ocean carrier. This surcharge will be in addition to the contractual or MTOS assessment for the lease of the ship-to-shore crane or mobile harbor crane. The surcharge will be assessed in full regardless of any other agreements. This surcharge does not apply when ship to shore cranes or mobile harbor cranes are used to lift breakbulk cargo at Garden City Terminal. Container crane lease fees for the handling of breakbulk cargo, at Garden City Terminal, are listed in Rule 34-625, Note 4 of this Schedule.