Reporting of Accidents Injuries or Damages


July 17, 2024


July 17, 2024

All accidents, injuries, fires and incidents of a serious nature including, without limitation, incidents requiring an emergency response or injuries requiring any medical treatment away from the scene, must be reported immediately to the Authority’s Port Police Department at (912) 964-3911. Additionally, all damages to the property of either party (or property in the care, custody or control of either party) must be reported at the time of discovery to the Authority’s Port Police Department at (912) 963-5588 if said damages are resultant of, incidental to, or in any way in relation to or in connection with the operations of the Authority or its employees. The Port Police Department will notify the appropriate Authority personnel. The Authority will not accept any responsibility for damage(s) unless given the opportunity to investigate said damage(s) at the time of discovery.

A joint inspection may be requested by either party to determine liability. Either party may hire a qualified hire a qualified surveyor at its own expense to investigate said damage(s). If the parties should disagree as to fault; they may meet thereafter in an attempt to resolve the claim. If there is a dispute as to liability or extent of injury or damage, Terminal User, and the Authority (or the Authority’s Designee) will meet in person at the Authority’s administrative offices, or other specified location, at least thirty (30) days prior to the initiation of any legal or equitable proceeding or action.