Receipt of Export Breakbulk and RoRo Cargo


August 14, 2023


August 14, 2023

The terminal requires the following information for acceptance of export breakbulk cargo. This information shall be supplied either prior to or upon delivery of the cargo, and must be supplied in the form of an Export Dock Receipt.

Bill To Party (must have credit with the Authority) and Reference Number (Notes 1 and 2)

Booking Number
Commodity Description
Freight Forwarder and Reference Number
Hazardous Certificate, When Required (including MSDS)
Identifying Marks
Line/Vessel/Voyage Number
Miscellaneous Services Required
Number of Pieces
Port of Discharge
Storage, Inside or Outside
Supplier (if different than exporter, shipper)
Weight of Commodity (gross)
This information must be sent to the following:

For Vessels Calling Garden City Terminal –
Email: [email protected]

For Vessels Calling Ocean Terminal –
Email: [email protected]

For Vessels Calling Mayor’s Point Terminal –
(912) 262-3040 (FAX)/ (912) 264-7295 / Email: [email protected]

For Vessels Calling East River or Lanier Docks Terminals –
(912) 267-6352 (FAX)

The terminal shall sign the export dock receipt, but no other shipping documents, in acknowledgement of receipt of said cargo. Any discrepancies will be so noted on the receipt.

Note 1: As noted the bill-to party must have credit with the Authority. If credit has not been established or other payment arrangement not previously made, cargo will not be accepted.

Note 2: The bill-to party will be responsible for both terminal handling and storage. These charges will not be split between two bill-to parties, except in cases of transfer of ownership (See Rule 34-265).