Placing Loading and Unloading Rail Cars


October 1, 2020


October 1, 2020

The Authority will load or unload all railcars per the rates in this MTO Schedule except those which were improperly loaded or whose cargo has shifted, making them unsafe to unload. In such cases, the Authority will contact the rail carrier to make special unloading arrangements.

Rail carriers must ensure railcars are devoid of dunnage, fastenings, paper, refuse or other trash before they are placed on the terminal unless the Authority approves special arrangements. If a railcar is not clean before placement, the rail carrier will be contacted to correct the problem and the offending rail carrier will be assessed any expenses, including import load storage and/or export load storage, the Authority incurs.

If a railcar is placed with the doors on the wrong side, hampering loading or unloading, the Authority will contact the placing rail carrier to turn the railcar and assess charges for turning it to the shipper.