Environmental Laws


June 18, 2020


June 18, 2020

If any regulated or hazardous substance is released on, under, or within the Authority’s facilities, or the adjacent surface waters by the user or user’s agents, servants, employees, invitees, visitors, licensees, or contractors, the user agrees to immediately notify the Authority, as well as all regulatory agencies requiring notification, if any.

Upon the occurrence of such an event, user, at its sole expense, shall promptly take all necessary actions to return the Authority’s facilities and / or adjacent surface waters to the condition prior to the introduction of such hazardous and / or regulated substance to the extent required and in accordance with all environmental laws. If the user does not take prompt action to commence clean-up, the Authority may undertake clean-up operations, and the user shall reimburse the Authority for all such costs within thirty (30) days of written demand by the Authority. User shall provide the Authority copies of all reports provided to all regulatory agencies referenced herein until the regulatory agencies release user from any further actions or monitoring of any release or violation.

Note:  The “user” is the applicable ocean carrier if the hazard involves a container/containerized cargo.