Container Transloading Services


October 1, 2015


September 1, 2015

The Authority provides container transloading services to a limited number of exporters of linerboard, woodpulp, and like commodities. For these exporters, once the rates have been agreed upon, and cargo is received, the Authority will stuff (load) containers as requested. The stuffing will occur within the nine (9) day export receival window (see Rule 34-475 of this schedule), regardless of the free time and demurrage terms such exporters may have with the ocean carrier(s) with whom the cargo is booked. The Authority shall not be responsible for any resulting demurrage charges assessed by the ocean carrier(s), except that caused by its own negligence, as the Authority is not privy to the particular free time allowed by the ocean carriers involved.

For exporters of other commodities or importers of any commodity, the Authority will, in most cases, refer the work to third-party warehouse/transload operators in the Savannah area, a list of which is available from the Authority’s Trade Development Division.

If due to the dimensions or weight of the cargo, it is necessary to transload the cargo within the Authority’s terminals, this will be allowed, provided the selected third party has met the Authority’s insurance requirements, and space is available for the transload operation. The Authority will assess fees to the selected third party and said fees should be included in any charges assessed by the third party to the importer/exporter, or its broker/forwarder.

Note: With the exception of Hazardous Class 9, the Authority strictly prohibits the transloading of all other hazardous classes on Authority facilities.